Vision - Building a Network of Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

"Social enterprises are private organizations that implement a desired socio-economic transition or change through innovation and best management practices"

- Viktor Hadjiev
Consortium "Open Mind"

The triumph of democracy in the Balkans is immediately related to and ultimately conditioned by local communities’ capacity to improve people’s quality of life. The democratization process in post communist/totalitarian states and countries in transition indicates that central governments are incapable of tuning the democratic reform to the needs of regional socio-economic communities. On the one hand, this is due to the excessively centralized form of governance and lack of democratic political culture, mentality and conduct among political leaders. On the other hand, this problem is linked to the inability of regional authorities to voice and relate their concerns to public administrators and governing authorities.

Open Mind Society endeavors to bridge the aforementioned gap by: promoting the process of structure-administrative decentralization; fostering public/private/NGO relations; creating a network of social entrepreneurs*. This type of decentralization presupposes a greater level of local autonomy (delegation of governance). In addition, it ensures that regional authorities and organizations enjoy the resources they need to convey their own community development agenda. Furthermore, the process of structure-administrative (including fiscal) decentralization helps establish successful market economy practices and enhances the overall competitiveness of regional economies accross the World.

I believe that decentralized communities perpetuare socio-economic development by encouraging open dialogue among local scholars, policy makers and business representatives. Thus, it sets the stage for heighten intellectual debates on the nature of democracy in any given community; helps regional authorities to find a convenient and distinctive framework for democratization of their society; fosters strategic social and economic initiatives; safeguards fundamental human rights and freedoms; provides innovative solutions to socio-economic problems (incl. environmental issues); and engages the public in the democratization process.

In order to advance and implement its structure-administrative model of global decentralization, Open Mind Society endeavors to create a network of social enterprises (entreprenuers). More often than not, social enterprises (entrepreneurs) are defined as organizations (people) who adopt a mission to create and sustain social and economic value through innovation and best management practices. Even though social enterprises (entrepreneurs) act at the local level, their actions tend to stimulate global improvements in any sector of our globalized economy.

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