There are three core sets of program activities at Open Mind Society and all of them are carried out by Open Mind Management Center Ltd.

The first set of program activities aims at fostering regional economic development worldwide. This set of activities is carried out by Management Center Open Mind Ltd. through DNA management education and consulting. The purpose of this program is to promote sustainable development of regional governance and socio-ecoinomic functioning. In order to achieve its purpose, this program attempts both to establish close cooperation between regional organizations and Open Mind Management Center LTD, on the one hand, and create a network of social entrepreneurs, on the other hand. By establishing close cooperation with regional authorities and business organizations, Open Mind Society develops a better understanding of local communities’ needs and, thus, identifies opportunities and strategies for economic growth and development. By creating a network of social entrepreneurs, Open Mind Society generates regional economic cycles and helps create a sustainable model of economic development (socio-economic functioning).

The second set of program activities aims at providing technical support to community organizations in our network. In particular, Open Mind Management Center LTD has designed a B2B internet platform - Business Exchange Outlet (BExO), which enables all organizations in our network to develop their core competencies and project activities. BExO reduces business transaction costs and creates a non-zero sum business environment. It is an important pillar of my regional economic development endeavor.

The third set of program activities designs sustainable models for business development. This is carried out as part of Open Mind Management Center's autonomous management think-tank the purpose of which is to forge a socially entreprenueral mindset and advance a number of IT DNA projects measuring the dimension of socio-economic functioning and the utility coefficients of each and every economy Worldwide -