Open Mind Society is privately held Non-Government organization that fosters social entreprenuership by facilitating business development activities through project-outsourcing (PO). PO reduces socio-economic imbalances; promotes public-private partnerships; catalizes business collaboration in effort to address community development problems. My conviction is that different countries and regions across the world enjoy their own structure-administrative identity, business dynamics and potential for growth. My objective is to create a functional economic environment that reduces administative imballances and promotes systematic socio-economic growth by generating responsible business development activities and by heightening the level of econommic interdependence among business and/or state actors. It is my belief that a functional business environment creates realistic socio-economic expectations, measures and priorities, characterized by an accountable public governance and business sustainability.

Where the path of business merges with the path of society - Open Mind Societ - study the practice of management to forge a functional socio-economic environment!